Rochelle Chappelle, owner of Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon Inc. and creator of Healthy Hair Bar Softening System offers clients seeking healthy styling options.  As a beauty and image consultant to the stars plus a healthy hair enthusiast for over 20 years.  Rochelle's mission is to educate her team and women on how to achieve health, beautiful, shiny hair using natural ingredients.  At the Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs salon, Chappelle creates organic hair treatments, custom wigs, extensions, hair pieces, and innovative styling tools.  In 2008, her mother (salon owner/hair stylist) was diagnosed with Multi Myloma Cancer caused by harsh chemicals that can be found in the salons.  She then made it a point to create a salon's environment by using only products that are safe for the stylist and the client.  Relaxers and chemical products are main contributors of hair breakage, thinning, loss, and scalp damage. This spurred Chappelle to develop and launch her own hair care line Healthy Hair Bar Softening System™. The line consists of all-natural products that stimulates hair growth and provides nutrition for the scalp.

Chappelle is a philanthropist and has also partnered with local businesses and organizations to donate makeovers, clothing, and job education to disadvantaged women and veterans that prepare women for a new life with healthy hair and beauty.