HHB Mineral Softener Starter Kit


Healthy Hair Bar Mineral Softener Starter Kit 

100% Organic formula made with MINERALS & SEA SALT. California Flow Mineral Softener System is your organic alternative to out dated relaxers and perms. Products do not contain sodium hydroxide or formaldehyde. This amazing organic hair softener is great for all hair type for women, men, and children. Works well for anyone who is transitioning from relaxers to natural, dissolves matted hair, tangled hair, curly hair, natural hair, dreadlocks, gray hair,detangles hair after removing weaves, extensions, braids, swimmers, over processed hair, dehydrated hair, multiple textures of hair, unruly hair, and makes hair easy to blow dry.  

California Flow Mineral Softener Starter Kit Contains :

  • 6oz Mineral Softener 
  • 2oz Vitamin Shampoo
  • 2oz Mineral Conditioner
  • 2oz Organic Serum

Safe for children ages 2 & up.

How does California Flow Mineral Hair Softener System works?

Minerals: Is a hair treatment. Keeps hair hydrated for 4 -6 weeks without having to use a ton of products and conditioners.

Sea Salt Promotes hair growth and repairs scalp irritation.

 Use HHB Mineral Softener every two weeks until you achieve the softness your hair desires.  

**We recommend to use HHB Vitamin Shampoo and HHB Mineral Conditioner between HHB Mineral Softener Treatments. To improve the health and appearance of your scalp and hair.**

 **Use HHB Mineral Softener every two weeks until you achieve the softness your hair desires.** 



HHB Mineral Softener: T-water, Cetyl, Soy Protein, Minerals, Salts, Fruits and Vegetable Oils, Fish Oils, Sea Salt Alkaline Minerals, Citric Acids, Fragrance.

HHb Vitamin Shampoo: Soft Water, Sles-30, Cocomide Dea, Betain-c, Liquid Protein, Polysorbate 60, Polymer jr, Organic Preservatives, Fragrance, Vitamin C.

HHB Mineral Conditioner: T-Water, Cetyl Emulsifier, Soy Protein, Mineral Salts, Fruit and Vegetable Oils, Alkaline Materials,Citric Acid, Oganic Preservatives, Fragrance.

HHB Organic Serum: T-Water, Cetyl, Soy Protein, Minerals, Fruit and Vegetable Oils, Alkaline Minerals, Citric Acids, Organic Preservatives, Fragrance

Made in U.S.A